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Next Fashion Show: April 11, 2022 Naples Fashion Week Spring '22: April 4-11


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I agree to participate in the 2022 Naples Fashion Week™(NFW), other scheduled preparatory meetings / fashion show/ scheduled promotional events and post-events organized by NFW.

I understand that Each Participating Designer / Fashion Brand is required to secure his/her designer's package in advance. The earlier the Designer/ Fashion Brand obtain the package and register the longer The NFW will promote his /her brand! 

I understand that I may invite my supporters, followers, family and friends to obtain their VIP Front Row Seats, General Seats, or Standing Seats. I also understand that my flyers, business video-invite assists me in promoting my success!I understand that my guests may purchase their tickets.

I understand that I may provide the NFW with names and contact information of boutique and gallery owners, celebrities, the industry representatives, fashion magazine/s or any others special guests to be invited on my behalf to be my special VIP guests at the Event. NFW will subsequently send them an official invitation letter. I understand that designers can talk to the audience, other attendees and the press/media first hand directly after their showcase at our After-Party events. I understand that NFW attempts to have a wider range of participants from various backgrounds for the fashion show. We believe that your participation Naples Fashion Week Events would constitute a great vehicle for exposing and advertising your brand to the public, media/press, TV, print, online, newspapers, fashion magazines and various other fashion model branding opportunities.


NFW will make the final decision regarding any production or operation of the show. NFW reserve the right to amend or modify the model line of any designer at any time prior to, or during the show. Breaking federal or state laws, using verbally or physically abusive language or actions, in-person or digitally that may or may not cause bodily harm or injuries - at the Producers, Participants, Staff or Guests of any NFW production may be dismissed from the current and any future involvement with our organization. NFW will not be responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any items. All participants, including designers, models, stylists, makeup artists, photographers and partners are subject to this agreement. All agree not to smoke, vape, chew tobacco, consume recreational drugs, or drink any alcoholic beverages shortly prior to, during the show and/or promotional event, such as photo / video shoot. All participants must show up at the appointed times. Guests and participants with inappropriate attire will not be admitted. Only Designers and Models in an upcoming showcase are allowed in the backstage area. Each designer is allowed to be accompanied by one (1) assistant, not more unless approved by management in writing.


All social media posts (personal website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc.) taken at the event or the scheduled promotional photo- and video shoots  shall be hash-tagged and acknowledged as #TheNaplesFashionWeek and Naples Fashion Week™ reserves the right to remove any post.

By agreeing to these terms you understand that your utmost professionalism, respect, kind-nature, team spirit and honesty is expected and required as a participant in our events. Follow the Golden Rule! Naples Fashion Week™ LLC believes that YOUR success is OUR success. LET'S DO THIS!