All Sponsorship Agreements are subject to the Naples Fashion Week™ (herein referred to as the Publisher) approval and acceptance. Acceptance of the Sponsorship Agreement shall constitute an agreement to provide advertising space as described in the Sponsorship document. The undersigned, by signing the Sponsorship Agreement, acknowledges that he/she has read and understood all of the terms contained herein and that this Agreement is subject to all such terms which are expressly made a part of this Agreement. Cancellations or changes in the Sponsorship Agreement are accepted only in writing to the Publisher and must be received on or before the Sponsorship Closing Date for the applicable event/program. The Closing date for any event/program is 30 calendar days before the scheduled date at 5 pm EST. The Publisher will schedule, run, and invoice all contracts in possession on the advertising closing date of a scheduled event/program.


Event details are subject to change in venue, performers, presenters, date & time etc). details of any changes shall be documented on NaplesFashionWeek.com.


Any damage incurred to clothing, accessories or anything provided by Sponsor to NFW Fashion Show or utilized during any events associated with NFW shall be the sole responsibility of the Sponsor. NFW shall not be held responsible for damage to clothing, apparel & bodily injury of any participants, guest or clients at pop-up shops, sip & shop or any other event occurring during Fashion Week.


Sponsors are responsible for the submission of the advertising copy and materials by material deadlines. Payment is due and payable within 5 days of receipt of invoice. A service charge of 1.5% per month will be added to accounts past due, beginning 30 days delinquent, and charged monthly thereafter. The advertiser/sponsor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Publisher with whom Publisher may have contracted for any and all loss, expense, or other liability (including attorney’s fees) arising from any claim of libel, violation of privacy, plagiarism, copyright any advertised copy submitted, any advertised copy submitted, infringement, omission, incorrect information or placement and any other claim or suit that may arise out of the publication of printed or published. All Sponsorship Donations are Non-Refundable.

Date of events are subject to change up to 30 days before the start of Fashion Week.

All sales are non-refundable.

I understand that Each Participating Designer / Fashion Brand is required to secure his/her designer’s package in advance. The earlier the Designer/ Fashion Brand obtain the package and register the longer The NFW will promote his /her brand! 

I understand that I may invite my supporters, followers, family and friends to obtain their VIP Front Row Seats, General Seats, or Standing Seats. I also understand that my flyers, business video-invite assists me in promoting my success!I understand that my guests may purchase their tickets.

I understand that I may provide NFW with names and contact information of boutique and gallery owners, celebrities, the industry representatives, fashion magazine/s or any others special guests to be invited on my behalf to be my special VIP guests at the Event. NFW will subsequently send them an official invitation letter.

I understand that designers can talk to the audience, other attendees and the press/media first hand directly after their showcase at our After-Party events.

I understand that NFW attempts to have a wider range of participants from various backgrounds for the fashion show. We believe that your participation Naples Fashion Week Events would constitute a great vehicle for exposing and advertising your brand to the public, media/press, TV, print, online, newspapers, fashion magazines and various other fashion model branding opportunities.


NFW will make the final decision regarding any production or operation of the show. NFW reserve the right to amend or modify the model line of any designer at any time prior to, or during the show. Any physical or verbal altercation or abuse either prior, during or following a fashion show  or scheduled promotional events including photo- or videoshoots, will result in the immediate dismissal of the parties involved regardless of any explanation or reasoning of the altercation. Parties will be dismissed from the fashion event or the promotional events scheduled and offered by NFW. NFW will not be responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any items you will bring to the show. We do ask all participants to keep their valuables, alcoholic beverages, controlled substances and hazardous materials at home. Any individual caught stealing personal items and or property will result in the immediate dismissal from the event and escorted by security guards. All participants, including designers, models, stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and partners, agree not to smoke, vape, chew tobacco, consume recreational drugs, take medications that cause drowsiness, or drink any alcoholic beverages shortly prior to, during the show and/or promotional event, such as photo- videoshoot. All participants must show up on time sober for our check-in at the appointed times. All parties must advise guests of the accepted dress code. If not followed, regardless of purchase of admission ticket, guests with an inappropriate attire will not be admitted. Guests are expected to dress fashionably. Only Designers and Models in an upcoming showcase are allowed in the backstage area. Each designer is allowed to be accompanied by one (1) assistant, not more.

All social media posts (personal website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc.) taken at the event or the scheduled promotional photo- and video shoots  shall be hash-tagged and acknowledged as #TheNaplesFashionWeek