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Model: Jocelyn Binder Photography: Luminaire Foto
Model: Jocelyn Binder
Photography: Luminaire Foto


Naples Fashion Week is a company dedicated to helping our community prosper and unite through fashion, music, and fun!  We aim to support all small business; the startup, the home DBA, the true entrepreneur and the charitable worker. Twice a year we promote a week of events for the whole family including special sales, fashion shows, live music and other fun.

Our neighbors are our family! We must stand together in times of celebration– and struggle. This is the only way to truly live. Creativity and success requires a team of dedicated people who all support each other. That’s what NFW is all about!

We love fashion, friends and art. What started as a quick stop at our favorite store on 5th Ave in August of 2020, has become a citywide revival for our businesses. It was a whirlwind of ideas that afternoon. The simple idea to have a fashion show for a single store. Sprouted a grander idea.  A week to support all our local stores, businesses, and artists with music for the whole family. That is Naples fashion week.

Fashion show + music + entertainment for all. Together we celebrate free commerce, speech and the creation of authentic art. Let’s do this!


Naples Fashion Week™ DREAMS IN GOLD Music & Fashion Show


Saturday, October 30

Sugden Plaza
5th Ave, Naples, FL




Naples Fashion Week™ can only be made possible with the support of our generous sponsors. Thank you for all your contribution and support!

Click on a logo to visit each sponsor’s website.

Style Loft Fashion


All proceeds from the event will go to the
Chloe Temtchine Foundation supporting their mission to bring awareness to Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) and to the importance of organ donation. 

After having been misdiagnosed for five years, in 2013, Chloe Temtchine was officially diagnosed with severe PAH, with the probability of PVOD. She was given days left to live.

Chloe Temtchine speaks about Naples Fashion Week™

In 2020, Chloe received a life-saving double lung transplant, inspiring her to create the foundation which supports projects such as Life Lessons from Super Kids and The Smile Tour (In Honor of Humayra Bodhania).

It became her mission to bring awareness to PAH and to reinstill a sense of hope in those facing some of life’s most seemingly insurmountable challenges.

As a singer, songwriter and performer, entertainment is the means through which she feels most able to do this.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, will allow her to continue to create opportunities that shine a light on PH and bring hope to those in need.

Naples Fashion Week™
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The Chloe Temtchine Foundation
via PayPal

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